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What people think when I say I'm Turkish

4 Common Stereotypes All Turks Hate

Every country has its well-known stereotypes and Turkey definitely has its fair share of faulty assumptions when it comes to its culture and traditions. From men with moustaches that only wear Fez hats to...
Indonesian farmers | © SarahTz / Flickr

10 national stereotypes that all Indonesians hate

By Edira Putri / The Culture Trip The diversity and sophistication of Indonesia’s culture may lead tourists to confusion. Sometimes partial experiences and judgments beget stereotypes, ones that may inhibit you to understand and appreciate...

How To Learn Italian Fast: The 4 Steps To Fluency

I know I know Italian is charming and romantic. You probably want to learn Italian to sing Laura Pausini or Andrea Bocelli's song. First thing you need to know is Italians talk more with...

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