This isn’t a classical post about stereotypes, but for sure it’s interesting as well. Maybe I’ll start to promove other countries and cultures and not just stereotype them.

I would love to meet at least half of countries in the world, but I know it’s not a simple mission. Meanwhile I can share with you about reasons to love a country that you not even know how it’s…


Now that my time in Nigeria is drawing to an end, I am engulfed by a feeling of sadness. I wish that I can Nigeria with me as I leave. I feel the need to share so many of the things I love about Nigeria. I wish that I could bring everyone with with me to share how beautiful Nigeria is. There are so many things I love about Nigeria. For this reason, it was extremely difficult for me to put this list together. It was difficult to narrow down all the things I love to just 10. I hope you like this list . Create your lists and post them on facebook and twitter

  1. We’re here, we’re there, and we’re everywhere. In every country, every walk of life, every genre, you’ll find Nigerians pulling their weight, doing their share, from Hakeem Olajuwon to “The Nigerian Nightmare”, Christian Okoye, from Osi Umenyiora to Emeka Okafor, from Femi Kuti to Sade, there are so many examples of this. A Nigerian will stand out anywhere you find him or her, from Libya to London, Tokyo to Timbuktu.
  2. The average Nigerian is inherently intelligent. History is replete with stories of Nigerians all over the world, achieving academic feats, one of which is Saheela Ibraheem, who at the age of 15, has actualised the goal of gaining admission to the prestigious Harvard University, with aspirations of becoming a research scientist, studying the human brain. Nigeria is the first country in Africa to successfully design, build and launch a satellite (under supervision of Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd) into orbit (NigeriaSat-X, Aug 17, 2011)
  3. Nigeria is the land of opportunity. It is pretty much a virgin market with capacity for many business ideas. If you have a brilliant idea and the funding, you will make so much money in Nigeria. Why? There are over 160 million people and a large informal market of consumers. If you identify the right market segment and establish a business, your profit margin will go through the roof. For instance, at the advent of mobile phones in the country, a South African company, MTN, came into the country as one of the first foreign investors. It is said that the company makes more profits from Nigeria are higher than its home country.
  4. The Nigerian accent is currently ranked by CNN Global Experiences as the 5th sexiest accent in the world.
  5. The Nigerian Green and White flag is a notable national symbol. The green colour symbolises agriculture, seeing that the country is endowed with masses of arable land, while the white colour signifies unity and peace. Other national symbols include the Nigerian Coat of Arms, which depicts an eagle on a black shield, trisected by two wavy silver bands, and supported on either side by two chargers. The national motto underlies the coat-of -arms: “Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress.” Her national symbols convey great meaning to its people.
  6. Honestly the thing that comes to mind is the amazing variety we have when it comes to food. We are so good when it comes to harnessing the things given to us by nature to make food – Amala, Oka, Egbo, Agbalumo, Koun, Dodo Ikire, Orobo (jumbo Mirinda), Gbegiri, Kulikuli, ipekere (plantain chips), kundi (dried camel meat- tastes like fried beef), Fufu, Ole (beans cake), Abari-maize cake, Rice, Iyan-pounded yam, Kpukpuru-Ilaje food, Abula, Zobo, Bbaba dudu, Pomo, Ewedu, Kilishi all known to the diverse Nigerian communities but probably without easily identifiable English equivalents.
  7. The Nigerian concept of family is wonderful. The care and sense of belonging and responsibility shared within families is very impressive. Family links are traced and valued as far as 2nd and 3rd cousins. In many cases you get to hear of “my town’s man” being equated to “my brother”.Nigerians live a communal life style. The extended family is part of the immediate family in a Nigerian home”
  8. We never let an occasion pass without celebrating it. We have greetings for a new month, a new car, your new car; heck, even your new iPad can be a reason to celebrate in Nigeria.
  9. Nigerians are very hospitable – to a Nigerian, you don’t have to get an invite to come visiting, you are generally always welcome. I have received warm welcomes from total strangers in different parts of the country from just showing up at their door.Respect! In Nigeria, respect for the elders is the norm. A young person will almost always stand up for an elder to sit in a waiting room. I love that.
  10. Last but definitely not the least, Nigerian Ladies!!! They are beautiful, tasteful and stand out easily, with their good sense of fashion. Agbani Darego, former Miss World, is a good representation of this. Our women are born fashionistas.
Igbo girl
Igbo girl


By Ngo Okafor

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