There are some kool-edgy-arty British with open-minded brains, whom adore adventure & discovery. These souls cannot be typicalized as they have a legit uniqueness about them.

England fans will be desperate to upset the odds and avoid their usual quarter-final knockout (Image: Getty)
England fans will be desperate to upset the odds and avoid their usual quarter-final knockout (Image: Getty)

BUT mostly you’ll find this in Britain:

  1. Neanderthal football lovers.
  2. Constant football arguements.
  3. Football shouting.
  4. People watching football everywhere.
  5. People talking about how much football players earn (whilst sitting in a pub).
  6. Mono-tone voices about the weather.
  7. Same People talking about the same thing.
  8. Not much originality.
  9. Too many brick houses.
  10. Fashion from whichever popstar is big.
  11. School-boy humour which isn’t funny.
  12. That guy you’ll find in every bar that shouts at the tv football “Go On Son”!
  13. Grey skies & dull scenery.
  14. One day is sunny & suddenly ‘everyone’ says stupid things like “Oh it’s just like Spain now” or “This could be the Caribbean with this weather”..
  15. I can tell you right now, England is not like those places.
  16. Seasides will make you cringe & are very dated (not in the shabby chic style)
  17. Moany voices moaning.
  18. Kids & teenagers unmotivated.
  19. Lack of interesting anything.
  20. If your even slightly different then all the Neanderthal’s can’t comprehend what’s happening & call you “gay”.
  21. This covers all towns & areas.
  22. Albeit London does not abide by ‘all’ these stereo-types.
  23. People shouting “Oi dick head”.
  24. People smirking & huffing.
  25. Queuing is an issue, there seems to always be a queue for something.
  26. People are easily swayed & generally are ‘passive’.
  27. The gorgeous country restraurants & pubs are ruined by the idiots inside them.
  28. ‘Chavs’ exist everywhere.
  29. Instead of winning the lottery & travelling the world, a typical Brit would win the lotto & go to the pub to show off in-front of more small town people.

I hope this helps.

P.s. Go to the States & have some real fun!

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