Mexicans have a unique culture of their own. Does anyone know some good stereotypes about mexicans?

So let’s tell you some of typical Mexican Stereotypes.

6 mexican stereotypes
6 mexican stereotypes


1. All Mexicans eat chilli!

Totally wrong! There are some Mexicans who can’t handle spicy food. It is true that chilli is an important element of every meal but that’s why we have “salsa” (spicy sauce) so you can decide how spicy your food should be. Besides, Mexico also has a great amount of traditional sweets and desserts!

2. Mexico looks like a desert and we are all wearing “sombreros”.

Completely wrong again! Mexico’s climate differs from north to south. From super hot weather to humid and windy, our country is one of the most involved nations in climate change due to its climate diversity. Just a quick visit to Mexico City or any of its beaches would change anyone’s mind about our “desert”. Are we all wearing sombreros? NO! Of course some people still wear “sombrero” but it’s not an accessory you would wear for work!

3. Montezuma’s Revenge

For those who don’t know what this revenge thing is I’ll explain…
It is basically a stomach ache and diarrhoea you get due to food poisoning. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat anything but sometimes spices and ingredients are too much if your stomach is not used to this type of food. Some medicine or pills before every meal should keep you safe from Montezuma’s revenge.

4. Mexicans only eat burritos and fajitas

So not true! Burritos are mostly eaten in the north and they are actually considered as a tex-mex specialty. Fajitas are just a dish, tacos and enchiladas are a bit more popular but if you want to try many more things then go for Mole (special chilli sauce made with some chocolate) or quesadillas. Mexican food is really good!

5. All people carry guns!

One of the strangest questions I’ve ever been asked  was: Do you have a gun?
We don’t go around our cities or towns carrying guns! They are extremely dangerous and scary plus you need a special permit from the government to have a gun at home. We Mexicans are nice and like to party quietly, no guns allowed!

6. All Mexicans have dark skin and dark hair.

You could say that the majority of the Mexican population have dark hair but you can also find diversity on this matter. Blond, red hair and brunettes, Mexicans are indeed charming!

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