Australia is a country and continent located at the southern tip of South East Asia that became independent in 1901. The country gained popularity online due to the continent’s rather extreme ecosystem and unique culture which has led to users posting images and threads relating to Australia in fashion towards Damn Nature, You Scary! and Meanwhile in X.

Australia - Life is Hard
Australia – Life is Hard

Some of the earliest images started popping up in 2009. The “Australia wall spider” being one of the most notable. The movie Crocodile Dundee also played a big part in bringing the life in the down-under to main stream media, touching on things like the dangers and the different lifestyle there.

Australian spider

IT’S hard work being an Aussie.

Sure we have natural beauty, a strong economy and persistent sunshine, but we also grapple with killer wildlife, embarrassing pollies and, well, we can’t really play soccer that well.

Australian twitterers had some fun last night sharing the first world problems unique to the land Down Under.

Using #australianproblemsnight, Twitter lit up with hilarious examples of how tough life is in Oz.

Here are some of our favourites.

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