No matter where they are, they just can be british. There are few phrases that strike as much fear into the heart of the international community as “Brits abroad”.

Brits abroad
Brits abroad

I can’t understand this – It’s all in FOREIGN!

What’s this? We can’t eat THIS! Haven’t you got any PIE and CHIPS?

This weather’s too hot for me!  Well, take your pullover off, then!

I’ll tell you one thing – you can’t get a decent CUP of TEA in this place?  Too right! I can’t wait to get back HOME!

Tsk, tsk! Look at these poor pussy cats – How thin they are!

Ere, do you know the test score?

It feels so weird not knowing what’s happened to Sharon in Celebrity soapsuds!

Why don’t they do something about these flies – they’re everywhere!

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