Some stereotypes about chileans say that they drink cheap wine mixed with powder juice. Chileans have too many good meat dishes. Even a vegetarian has to eat meat there…

Actually, Chileans are quite different from other south american people. Generally speaking, they’re more conservative and traditional, workaholic and less festive. They speak a distinct spanish dialect. They’re usually friendly with foreigners, although they still have issues with people from neighboring countries…

Typical people from Santiago
Typical people from Santiago

There’s a big contrast between the more fast-paced lifestyle in the urban areas of Santiago, Valparaíso and Concepción, and the lifestyle elsewhere in Chile.

There are blondes & redheads but only 5% or less, but the mayority is white and mestizo. Very few american indian (mapuches) and of course the “rapa nui” at easter island.

Josefina Montane
Josefina Montane
Myriam Hernández
Myriam Hernández, a famous chilean singer

Chilean people are

Chile is a multiethnic society,home to people of many different ethnic backgrounds. Studies on the ethnic structure of Chile vary significantly from one another.

As in other Latin American countries, in Chile, from the onset of Spanish colonization and settlement, race mixing or mestizaje was the norm rather than the exception. Today, ethnic and racial self-identities are highly fluid and can differ between persons of the same family, including siblings of the same parentage.

Chileans dancing Cueca
Chileans dancing Cueca


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  1. I’m Chilean and the last picture made me laugh loud!!…La Cueca (our main dance, typically from the centre of Chile)…isn’t carry out grabbing a partner each other…it is a separate dance. The cueca It is not like a Tango, where the partners dance close together.

  2. I would disagree, most are not mixed. Chiliens can have a typical look but not as mixed as other South America countries. Brazil is mixed! I am Chilien as we are very obsessed with European features, almost a caste system. Becoming more and more like USA. Also a huge class system. And a history of ugly violence in time of Pinoshit , sadly.


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