Croatian Stereotypes

Croatian stereotypes

What is the first word that comes on your mind when you hear/read about "Croatian Stereotypes" ? Particularly I didn't know any... But after some research on different blogs and foruns, I can bring you...
Brits abroad

Brits abroad

No matter where they are, they just can be british. There are few phrases that strike as much fear into the heart of the international community as “Brits abroad”. I can't understand this - It's...
Albania: "Stereotypes will disappear as soon as you come here!"

Albanian Stereotypes

The Republic of Albania is a country in Southern and Southeastern Europe, that is extremally seeing as badland. It's not a stereotype, actually be warned, it's one of the most dangerous places in Europe....
Bulgaria: Photo of Young and Beautiful Bulgarian Primary School Teacher Goes Viral

Contemporary Bulgarian stereotypes

What are the major stereotypes people have about Bulgaria and to what extent are they  true? Well, that depends on the one that is asked. There is a big difference if you would ask...
Mikuláš, the “Other” Christmas

Polish, German, Czech and Russian Stereotypes

Stereotypes Pole Russian Czech German Fraternal meeting did not quite fraternal nations shows national stereotypes;). With humor worthy of fraternal friendship? ; (Pole Rusek Czech Republic Germany show where each other are :)
My face when I see that people don't know portuguese stereotypes

Portuguese Stereotypes

Lisbon is amazing! I loved my stay there! Of course I had in my head some of portuguese stereotypes as : The portuguese women have mustache, everybody smell like bacalhau, everybody likes Fado, they...

10 things you need to know about Denmark before yout get shocked

Maybe the more impact thing about Denmark is the  Nøgenløbet Roskilde (Roskilde’s Naked Run). It happens every year since 1999, on the Saturday of the Roskilde Festival, organizers set a naked run around the...
why Danes are so strange

Why Danish are so strange?

Why do you know about the Danish people? Are Danish strange? Are Danish fun? The University Post recently collected a list of 119 great stupid questions asked by Copenhagen’s new exchange and guest students. Funny, honest...
The 6 Most Statistically Full of Shit National Stereotypes

The 6 Most Statistically Full of Shit National Stereotypes

Let's face the fact: Stereotypes exist for a reason! They help us form opinions about people without all the hassle of getting to know them. Why waste time talking to, say, a Frenchman, when...
Bulgaria woman / Photo: Cindy-Dam

How to definitely piss off Bulgarian women in simple 7 ways

Before try to read this article-tutorial, try to remember that Bulgarian women are cheerful, active, beautiful. They adequately represent the Slavic people at beauty contests. And the most important, beautiful Bulgarians always cause men's...

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