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You Know You’re in Russia when…

Have you ever been in Russia? I’m sure that you have to visit it! It’s one of most special country in the world, and for sure, I’m not talking this because they are "excentric". Oh,...
The World In 2 Minutes: The Netherlands

The World In 2 Minutes: The Netherlands

The World In 2 Minutes is a series of videos originally started by YouTube-user WOKlTOKl. Original description: “The World In 2 Minutes describes different cultures, and how eccentric they are.We took the greatest videos...
Croatian Stereotypes

Croatian stereotypes

What is the first word that comes on your mind when you hear/read about "Croatian Stereotypes" ? Particularly I didn't know any... But after some research on different blogs and foruns, I can bring you...
World’s sexiest nationalities

World’s sexiest nationalities according to Americans

A survey voted on by Americans has picked out British men and Colombian women as the world’s sexiest, with the top 10 nations on each list dominated by Europe and South America. British men will...
Difference between Italians and others Europeans

Difference between Italians and others Europeans

This film is dedicated to those who believe that italians behave the same as all others europeans. The film shows with irony the diversity of behavior among Italians and the other peoples of Europe. Please keep in...
The Russian Federation Map

The most common Russian Stereotypes

First of all I would like to say that one day I'll go to Russia! I don't know why, how or when... but I WILL! When we talk about russian stereotypes, often is: Winter, Vodka...
Visit Russia, before Russia visits you

Visit Russia, before Russia visits you

How many times have you heard about Russia and the Russians? There is hardly a person in the world who has never heard of Moscow, one of the most beautiful cities of the world.  In...
Tourist Shot User Manual

Tourist Shot User Manual

Wherever I go, I see people doing this... It's like a manual to tourists. C'mon guys, let's be more creatives than this :p
Russia is suing Ukraine for 1 billion dollars

The toppest 10 Russian Stereotypes

I have no doubt that the craziest country in the world is Russia. There, everything can happen. If you search on Google "Russia is" is funny to see the results. So we decided to...
Switzerland's feelings on your national stereotypes

Swiss Cultural Stereotypes

Every country or profession is associated with stereotypes. Stereotypes are qualities assigned to groups of people related to their race, and so on. Let us look at some stereotypes about the Swiss: Obsessed with punctuality? If...

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