What’s Your National Stereotype?

What’s Your National Stereotype?

You’ve all heard the joke about the sinking ship, right? This joke explicitly reveals the deep inner motivations of the men of many different nations. It’s famous for hitting the nail on the head...
The World According To Ronald Reagan

National Stereotypes

There are many stereotypes surrounding individual nations. X's stereotype for Y may be different to Z's. The stereotypes may have kernels of truth to them, but they are not wholly correct, and so are...
Tourist Shot User Manual

Tourist Shot User Manual

Wherever I go, I see people doing this... It's like a manual to tourists. C'mon guys, let's be more creatives than this :p
Nordic Poster : A lovely poster for your wall. Country spirits featured: Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. The posters are printed on thick Gloss Art 170gsm paper, they are full colour on the front side, blank white on the back. The posters are packed in hard tubes and sent via Royal Mail.

Blog Scandinavia and the World

Hey, do you want have some fun? Check it out at this site Scandinavian and the World. It's amazing. It's a comics blog about  the spirits of countries, their relationships and activities, even if...
Giant earthworms. OK, not dangerous, but BLEUGH!

25 Pictures That Prove Australia Is The Craziest

Australia, Oh lord! The first craziest country or the second one (behind the Russsia)?  Let’s count the ways Australia is trying to kill all the Australians. 1. Pythons eating everything.   2. Pythons so big they...

Australia – Life is Hard

Australia is a country and continent located at the southern tip of South East Asia that became independent in 1901. The country gained popularity online due to the continent’s rather extreme ecosystem and unique...

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