Many people believe that Africa is a primal and savage country, and in some aspects, yes that is true. But Africa, especially South Africa, has come so far despite its poverty. Not all Africans are poor, and most aren’t rapists or kidnappers like many people tend to believe. Africa is wild, but it is so civilized at the same time. It is understandable to only see Africa through the image of “The Lion King,” because that portrayal can be somewhat true. But there are lots of different images of Africa. If we open ourselves up to that notion, maybe then we can see the remarkable country that has developed so far.

South African Stereotypes
South African Stereotypes

That is too difficult to answer at the present time since South Africa became a melting pot. Take your own case Mohammad, how can one place you as a stereotypical Dutch person of Delft Holland?

To be more specific about South Africans, the stereotype I encounter are white educated professionals who emigrated recently out of the country. On visits to South Africa I encounter black masses and sense hostility which causes me to stereotype them as typical Africans.

The most common south african stereotypes that I found on yahoo answer are:

  • Black people smell bad, are dumb, and steel, murder and rape, are racists, have big dongs and loves chicken
  • Coloured people are in gangs, smoke tik, don’t care about politics, mugs people on streets with knives, swears ‘poes’
  • White people are snobbish, classist, racist, live on farms, wear khaki clothes, likes to braai, listens to bad afrikaans country music
  • Indian people are fraudsters and swindlers, they eat curry, they live in huge houses with the whole extended family
Cape Town in South Africa
Cape Town in South Africa
just a speeed trap in South Africa
just a speeed trap in South Africa
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  1. South Africa is a beautiful place, if only the world would see it as such. We don’t have wild animals roaming in the street and we can speak English, as well as many other languages since we have eleven official languages. We can read and write just like any other child in the world and we are normal.


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