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Polish, German, Czech and Russian Stereotypes

Stereotypes Pole Russian Czech German Fraternal meeting did not quite fraternal nations shows national stereotypes;). With humor worthy of fraternal friendship? ; (Pole Rusek Czech...

Ten Things Never to Say or Do in Russia

Sometimes, knowing what NOT to do is even more important if you want to fit in or at least produce a good impression. Read...

How americans see Europe

How americans see Europe. Read this article and check it out. All europeans are obsessed with soccer Iceland: Volcano, Weird Language, Hot Blondes, Bad Guys in...

You Know You’re in Russia when…

Have you ever been in Russia? I’m sure that you have to visit it! It’s one of most special country in the world, and...

World’s sexiest nationalities according to Americans

A survey voted on by Americans has picked out British men and Colombian women as the world’s sexiest, with the top 10 nations on...

The most common Russian Stereotypes

First of all I would like to say that one day I'll go to Russia! I don't know why, how or when... but I...

Visit Russia, before Russia visits you

How many times have you heard about Russia and the Russians? There is hardly a person in the world who has never heard of Moscow,...

The toppest 10 Russian Stereotypes

I have no doubt that the craziest country in the world is Russia. There, everything can happen. If you search on Google "Russia is"...

We Love Russia 2014 – Funny Video Compilation

Video showing the Russians being Russians Watch:

What’s Your National Stereotype?

You’ve all heard the joke about the sinking ship, right? This joke explicitly reveals the deep inner motivations of the men of many different...

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