Near from Brazil, Venezuela is a country totally different from others. Natural beauties, beautiful women, and horrible politics. On this topic, I will write about the mainly venezuelans stereotypes. Americans know very little about Venezuela and I’d say more than half can’t locate it on a map.

Venezuelan stereotypes

I don’t think there are any stereotypes, major or otherwise. It used to be a lovely country with a great economy and the most gracious and welcoming people. None of this is true now since a socialist destroyed the country, which was then taken over by another socialist lunatic who dug the hole deeper.

There is a lot of suffering in Venezuela right now. Most Americans have no clue.

People from other countries after first knowing my Venezuelan nationality almost immediately seek confirmation of the following “facts”:

  • The country is full of beautiful women: Well, this is as true as anywhere in the world. You can’t be wrong complimenting the ladies wherever you go.
  • The country is immensely rich: Potentially perhaps, but today the situation of the country itself is the strongest proof that having abundant natural wealth AND transforming this wealth into tangible benefits for the majority of the population requires a long chain of wise decisions and good leaders.
  • Chavez was a great president who did a lot for the poor people in Venezuela: This for sure the hardest part to listen for all Venezuelan abroad – the mere fact that having to emigrate to a strange land, far from his extended family and his most cherished traditions because of an egomaniac who has brought ruin to the country, is simply too much to bear.
  • Venezuelans like to party: Absolutely true. It’s in our blood.
  • Our folks used to be very happy and content, but I ratify what was said in another answer about the lack of awareness in the world of the suffering of Venezuela in recent years. The international community needs to become more aware of the crimes committed by a repressive regime which long ago abandoned the democratic way.
  • Venezuelan stereotypes
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