Why are Brazilian women so gorgeous and hot?

Wrote by Truth inside Brazil 

I decided to write this post after reading several posts about why Brazilian women are so beautiful, or so hot, or top reasons to get married to a Brazilian and etc.

That’s because many reviews were unfounded, and other comic so naive. For example, on the Brazilian women ask kindly to pay the guy a drink for her … if we Brazilian men just watch this scene, only to be a laughing matter if the foreigner find it a viable way to meet a Brazilian that is surelly nice.

Even I saw some comments including engenia as a methodology for the creation of Brazilian women, which is totally absurd.

So here we go, I will write down by topic to facilitate. I hope my English is enough!

1) Mixed People

Yes, it would be a decisive factor but that’s not all. You can not merge any people in order to obtain a higher standard of beauty … We really do not know exactly what happened. What I can say is that the athletic body is certainly due in large part when it comes to standard woman, due to mixing with blacks. The black are born with athletic body. In Brazil many white people have the same ancestral traits of black, for example, that I’m half Japanese … and my wife who is blonde. I have ancestors Brazilian Indians, Dutch, Portuguese, Italians, blacks … basically almost everyone who colonized the country. That’s probably true for most people, even for those who are unaware. At some point there is a hint of another race.

But the original people themselves are definitely not or predominantly beautiful. Perhaps the Italian and Dutch. But the portuguese woman are here as joke distinguished by having mustache and being fat … The Indians are the same kind of animal, so ugly that it hurts. It can happen that some have some sensuality … but this is quite rare. They are animal ugly even. On the other hand, the indian hair comprises a beauty force in Brazil for that black haired girls with strong hair till the ass. And the pinch of their appearance can actually compose an interesting scene, as well as your skin, like the Orientals, is thick and firm. Yes, the skin of the Orientals at least the Japanese, is much thicker than the Europeans. They are cold weather ethnicities. So the indian´s too.

Amazon indian - Young Guarani woman.
Amazon indian – Young Guarani woman.

But the likely issue is that during the era of slavery, white men had black women as an object of use, including for sexual practice. The birth of several children bastards among the slaves was normal, and the “whitening” process desirable, for it would mean to be free or benefited. Now, ask yourself: Does the Portuguese caught any black? Never. They chose by pointing the finger, and there were black very pretty sure. It occurred with the Indians as well. This is partly initiated a process of composition of a population from the most beautiful women. No longer can you say the same of men … Any list of men the world does not include Brazilians as handsome model.

The Brazilian man is famous for being tacky, careless and clumsy. Some are saved. This compared to the Brazilian women.

The photo of the black is already merged, but has the traits we look for: is this initial miscegenation that Brazilian woman drifting in all its beauty.

This has nothing to eugenics, but it was a natural process of selection of the most interesting women.

2) Unexplained

But not only of black and Indian deriving the beauty of Brazil. That would be an explanation for when there was miscegenation. But nobody explains why in southern Brazil, the German descendants are also the most beautiful in the world.

It’s really something intriguing.

Hence, we come to a mandatory finding: Or is it the food, or climate, or the behaviour of the brazilians. Or all together.

Ana Hickmann: Brazilian beauty, Ana was once listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as "The model with the longest legs".
Ana Hickmann: Brazilian beauty, Ana was once listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as “The model with the longest legs”.

3) Fitness Bodies

Many discussions on the internet cite Brazilian women as they had undergone surgery. I wish these people to come here, where I live, and do a research. I believe that less than 5% have undergone some form of surgery, and many are beautiful naturally. Or would just photogenic?

It is very unpleasant to hear speak of their country as if it was all artificial. That’s a lie, even though the index is very high compared to other countries, it does not predominate, and by the way, is scarce. Mainly because most do not need. And do some crazy because the competition is very heavy.

Furthermore, the type of surgery is relative: some are nose, sinuses, abdominoplasty, but there is also a very heavy culture on the fitness.

That the gringos do not know now: Brazilian woman are pumping iron a lot more than in 2010.

Ex players of Brazilian Big Brother
Ex players of Brazilian Big Brother

Some people play here that chicks have strong thighs and pumped butts because they are poor and must all the time go up slopes. That’s because the gheto/slum girls has sometimes perfect bodies – looks like some kind of joke. But they have no money to go in the gym and on the other hand, walk a lot. And the poorest has more black genetic makeup, which means directly since they were born athletic.

Women who live in regions with lots of hills and stairs do steps all day. Niggaz thank.
However, important to note that the fitness culture is booming in Brazil. If they were the most beautiful in the world, now the animal will pick up. They are also the most “healed” (we use this word to mean with perfect fitness body, for man and woman).

4) predominance

Of course it is illusion find that all are beautiful. We Brazilians know that the amount of ugly women here is huge. But ugly hurting the mind. It would be interesting a mapping so that the foreign friend could identify the sites with the most beautiful women.

Here’s a list of ciities with women more “cats” (cat = gorgeous here) of Brazil, predominantly % of the population:

a) South of Brazil in general
b) Central São Paulo and State of Minas Gerais in general
c) Rio de Janeiro
d) Cities in the script between São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro
e) Goiânia, Mato Grosso and Northeast

and just look at this: Click here to see a city that has virtually no men in Brazil.

Know that in small towns of the interior of Minas Gerais and São Paulo and Rio, the percentage of beautiful women is very high. In the capitals, there is a lot of ugly woman in the pack;

This is a typical scene of Brazilian colleges. In case, here’s my city, fashion course USC. I picked up randomly on google … I live in a city with a lot of beautiful womans but surelly its not on the top of the thing….

The population of the small, southeastern Brazilian town of Noiva do Cordeiro is made up of some 600 women. Most of them between the ages of 20 and 35 and renowned in the region for their beauty.
The population of the small, southeastern Brazilian town of Noiva do Cordeiro is made up of some 600 women. Most of them between the ages of 20 and 35 and renowned in the region for their beauty.

5) Food

It is not well known… but yes may be so. There is a balanced food culture. Obese are not well seen here. Especially now with the boom of fitness culture. For example, Japanese and Arab food are very well accepted and merged into the Brazilian food habits. As well as italian. The combination of the base, that is rice and beans, allows the body to create proteins and therefore a high protein content feed, which aids in skin, hair, muscles.
But we have many ingredients that are only availlable here in Brasil, our local food, may really be one of the reasons for big mouths, hot butts and other items.

Brazilian food
Brazilian food

6) Climate

Being a tropical country, the skin is a very visible factor. And despite being a continental country, the proximity of people the conditions to take many baths (indigenous habit) and use many products for skin and hair. It is helpful to be with good smell and hair and skin care as well, because we use few clothes. Yes, because it’s hot, and because we feel something of hillbilly people wonder with legs and necklines. Here, because we have merged with Indian origin or because symbolically, the indigenous exist permeates our imaginary, it is natural to show the body. It is a very liberal country but not promiscuous. There are groups like that but it’s not a rule, as happens in any country.

Otherwise, women love to do a make up, to be more beautiful still. It is cultural, it is Indian thing to paint the body and face. But in general, with a very soft and summer approach.

7) Brazilian behaviour (jeitinho brasileiro)

This is the most interesting point. I tell the foreign friend, you are very naive.
As in any culture, women are complex and are always ahead of men in terms of social and interpersonal performance. Then there are bitches and many but as much as in other countries, according to the city, of course! Cities have different percentages. Here also. Come on, I´ll list a few important things:

a) decent Brazilian, and are many and are the majority, they hate Carnival, or do not give a damn. Only a sporadic nuts who saw news for you, gaping at these different things. If you think you meet a typically Brazilian women during Carnival, I am afraid that is against the thing. Here, in general, only the most rotten and futile. Good ones even do not waste time with this. And are the majority.

b) If a Brazilian ask you to pay a drink for her, it’s because she does not care for you and she knows that you think she’s a sexual object. So she gives the change before you get something; It is definitely not making easy for you, but perhaps testing how much you can be a jerk or a good guy. Everything is a risk, they do not lost.

c) Brazilian girls do not like strangers touching them. Neither men, no one likes. Our proximity only happens between close friends, which are many.

d) They know you’re drooling for her ass and the neckline, mouth and all. But this is normal, so get used up, because there is nothing more to it: if you overvalue, she will see you as an asshole.

e) Best Brazilian like nice guys, so you can see ugly men with beautiful women. Other than that, the Brazilian men are generally not beautiful, then… patience … And those who like guys with a nice car and etc. unfortunately are many. Its a cultural aspect, in spite many woman reprobate this behaviour. But you can not blame them: women everywhere like men well structured financially. They are safer, cleaner, more fragrant, they can give gifts and are less complainers. But this is not exclusive to Brazil …

f) Brazilian women speak very, very much. Talk so much that neither they can withstand.
This is pre-requisite for you to know you have to have it. Do not be an asshole with a car key running on the finger. This is the picture of the moronic. Be subject. If you are well set up and tidy and smelling even better.

g) As in any country, except in the USA, women like foreigners. It is part of women’s nature. So if you are gringo already has a good point. But it takes about 50 then be strong … being foreigner helps, that’s why you’ll have subject but still being very careful not to disrespect the Brazilian girls. They’ll put you into your place so that it was … will have no chance. Because there is no lack of men here. Or there is?

h) Yes, there is not enough man in Brazil. Most are badly dressed, do not use a good perfume are rude, etc. Brazilian men, although women are top in the world, are not even in the top 10. This makes any subject with appropriate behavior has great advantages. Brazilian men are dumb, arrogant, many are little children Dad, pampered. Or just talk about football, use a pair of shorts “bermudas” and a soccer shirt, etc. For your information, I know, only the slum like men with soccer shirt. Or at least predominantly. Other than that, it has so many gay guys now that the percentage of interesting man in Brazil is around 5% of liveing in good age.

i) Further than everything is good to remember that stupid people does exists everywhere. I have been through a lot of anger in clubs with stupid woman, drunk and arrogant or too proud. I would say today that this kind of party is not the best place to meet a nice girl. But that’s not a rule, have a lot of cool people there together. But… they may be often in a phase of their life where… she wont care about you. Only you need to know that some examples are not generic. In fact, I would say there is not a woman’s type in the club. You may be raffled to anything, good or bad. So if you want to marry a Brazilian woman and does not want to get screwed in a cool way, consider anywhere else.

I live in Bauru, a median city within São Paulo state, but I’m from São Paulo capital. You want to have a base of the interior of SP and MG scenario? See this site for example. Good for you who thinks we eat fruit from the tree and have monkeys as pets …

Well we eat fruit from the trees, there is a lot of trees here where you can pickup and eat, its so good. But we have no monkeys as pets.

Brazilian woman doing Yoga o Stand Up Paddle
Brazilian woman doing Yoga o Stand Up Paddle

8) Kind of brazilian to have sex?

You are all wrong. Brazilians just learned with europeans and americans to make some sex but, you can be sure, its was not always like that. So somebody told them to do the same, because they were very shy and our society were, some decades ago, much more repressive about this concern.

Today, you may have sex with a brazilian just like any other girl in the world. The difference is that they watch movies and think that is all bullshit and funny, and I´m sure that they don’t like porn star man. Well, I met one once but it was just an exception.

So, having sex with brazilians, or you just met the bad girls, or prostitutes, or drunk chicks, if it is too easy or too superficial. There is a lot of woman like that, I already met some of them but belive-me: this is not the average woman in Brazil. The best girls are not acting like strippers or bitches. There are, even, many that are virgin at age of more than 25 years.

So, please dont behavior like an ass hole trying to fuck the girls as they were bitches, but if you do so, if you meet one of theese bitches who like porn stars, you may be sure that you wont be enough lol…

So, dont spend your life acting as a sexual tourist in Brasil. Its not what you think. If you do as some idiots, by visiting only carnival cities in carnival time, you may have this stupid impression. But, no. Its not the thing.

Friends in Bikini
Friends in Bikini

So ask again:

Why are brazilian woman so gorgeous and hot?

We dont know, but lucky guys first act with respect.

Maybe, and just maybe, to proove that racism in other countries are just putting them bahind us in therms of races…

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Brazilian Women at a Party in Sao Paulo / Photo Eduardo Enomoto/ R7
Brazilian Women at a Party in Sao Paulo / Photo
Eduardo Enomoto/ R7
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